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Your Support Options

ModernWorks utilizes a secure ticketing system and provides multiple options for contacting our technical support team 24/7.

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ModernWorks triaged call queue with less than 1 minute wait time

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Web interface

ModernWorks utilizes a secure web login for customer support

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Using your email for support automatically creates a service ticket

Call 519.489.7209 and select OPTION 2 for support

Authorized Accounts

ModernWorks support staff follow a strict protocol of only performing work requested by authorized contacts. If an unauthorized person requests work, our staff will require an authorized contact to approve the request. System security is important to us.

Maintenance Agreement

ModernWorks does not utilize outsourced technical support. All installation work and technical support is provided by qualified, certified technical personnel. Annual maintenance agreements may be purchased for SIPWorks telephone systems. These agreements are far more cost effective than having a member of your staff maintain your telephone system. And of course, maintenance is provided free of charge with Cloud PBX.

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SIPWorks Basic

SIPWorks basic package covers remote backup, software updates, and monitoring.

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SIPWorks Standard

Leave it to us. A SIPWorks standard package is our all encompassing package. Customers receive everything in our basic package plus the inclusion of all moves, adds and changes.

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No Package

Customers are not required to buy a maintenance package and can opt to use our support with a pay per call option.