Partner Program Overview

The tremendous success of ModernWorks is due in part to our strong partner network. Many IT (Information Technology) support companies want to expand their product offerings. They currently support the data network, and offering telecom solutions is a natural expansion to their current product mix.   But like the traditional telecom providers, they need help with their sales and technical teams. Whereas telecom providers need to learn data networking concepts, IT companies need to come up to speed with telecom concepts. In either situation, there is a need for support from the manufacturer of the telecom solution. Our research has shown that most telecom manufacturers provide very expensive or little to no support to their Partners. 

Many IT companies have tried taking on new telecom solutions and products and funded the attempt out of their own pockets, only to have yet to make a profit. Some have even reported making losses and have given up due to the lack of manufacturer support.

The ModernWorks Partner Program deals with this issue head-on. The program’s primary goal is the success of our Partners. All of the critical components for success are provided in the program and at no cost to the reseller! The following are the key components:

  1. Sales assistance, including customer site visits, webinars, presentations, cost analysis sheets, and sales brochures.
  2. System configuration assistance.
  3. Technical support from experienced technicians.
  4. ModernWorks provides easy installation with programmed plug-and-play hardware.

Show Case of Our Partners

Here is a summary of companies that are actively involved in the ModernWorks Partner Program:

Highlights of the ModernWorks Partner Program

  1. Dedicated Partner Program Account Manager.
  2. ModernWorks provide generous sales remuneration across our entire product portfolio.
  3. Turn your existing base into a new revenue stream by selling telecom solutions.
  4. Reach new market and customer segments.

For More Information

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of this exciting program, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mr. Richard Morand at 519-722-4545 or