Why ModernWorks?

ModernWorks specializes in voice and data communications. We offer customers both Cloud and on premise VoIP solutions. We will work with you to tailor a telecommunications solution to match your business needs.

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Quality Service

ModernWorks has unique infrastructure to ensure call quality, better yet we own the quality of service. For more information on quality of service please click the button below.

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Disaster Recovery

ModernWorks utilizes crash kits in the event of a disaster, we can have your on-premise system recovered within one hour plus driving time. Nightly backup option available.

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No Outsourced Support

ModernWorks offers customers 24/7 in house technical support. We offer three options for the maintenance of your systems. Please click the button below to view more support options.

Get Your Business On Cloud Today

ModernWorks offers secure, reliable, and mobile solutions with Cloud PBX

Your VoIP Provider

ModernWorks is trusted by local and global businesses, offering both small, medium and enterprise business solutions.