Canada Cordage is a manufacturer of rope products. They have 2 facilities, one in Ontario, Canada and the other in Maine, U.S.A.


Voice in the Cloud

Canada Cordage was an early adopter of Voice in the Cloud. Before they met ModernWorks they were using 2 separate Telecom providers, one in Canada and the other in the US. They operated as 2 separate companies, as far as telecom was concerned.

Call Quality Issues

Canada Cordage was experiencing call quality issues that lead them to contact ModernWorks in 2012. ModernWorks tested their Internet connection in Ontario and implemented our ER100 edge router, which was specifically designed to provide business quality telephone calls across the Internet, regardless of the Internet Service Provider being used. Utilizing our Cloud PBX service, Canada Cordage was now experiencing business quality telephone calls within their own Ontario facility, as well as out to the rest of the world. They were also enjoying the free technical support provided by ModernWorks.

U.S. Issues

In 2016 Canada Cordage decided to move their U.S. facility to the ModernWorks Cloud PBX solution. As with Ontario, Maine was experiencing poor call quality issues. Again, ModernWorks tested the Internet connection and implemented our ER150 edge router to eradicate call quality issues.

Two Sites Come Together as One

Maine was added to the same Cloud PBX system that was running Ontario. Canada Cordage is now running a single telecommunications system spanning 2 countries. This provides the following benefits:

  • Internal extension to extension dialing between sites
  • Calling between locations is now free
  • Single voicemail system – users between sites can leave each other voice messages
  • Single telecom provider – one bill – one company to deal with for support
  • Reduced the amount of telephone numbers required to be published

Remote Offices

Canada Cordage has since expanded their Cloud-based PBX solution by adding several remote home office users to their system. They have also added a remote sales office in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Like many other ModernWorks Cloud PBX customers, Canada Cordage is experiencing the benefits of a 21st century Telecom solution that is not dependent upon location, with the ability to obtain telephone numbers from anywhere in North America, and abroad.